Verizon to announce arrival of the iPhone tomorrow

Mon, Jan 10, 2011

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One day, folks. In one day Verizon will make an announcement that will usher in the end of AT&T’s exclusive right to sell the iPhone in the US. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon will announce the inclusion of the iPhone under its umbrella this Tuesday at a press conference in New York City. It still remains unclear, however, as to when the iPhone will actually show up in stores.

As a quick refresher, Apple initially approached Verizon to carry the original iPhone, only to be turned away after the nation’s largest carrier rebuffed Apple’s advances. Word subsequently emerged that Verizon thought Apple’s demands were too onerous, though the success of the iPhone and the number of new users it eventually drew to AT&T eventually shifted the balance of power – so much so that Verizon reportedly received a concession from Apple whereby the iPhone will not be available on any other CDMA carrier, an frustrating blow to Sprint and T-Mobile users.

Some other tidbits – There are rumors that Steve Jobs will attend tomorrows press conference and notably, Verizon has invited Mac centric journalists to attend, though Gizmodo not surprisingly didn’t receive an invite.


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