iPad 2 to launch on either April 2 or April 9 – Rumor

Thu, Jan 13, 2011


MacNotes is reporting that Apple is preparing to release the next-gen iPad on either the first or second Saturday of April, meaning either the 2nd or the 9th.

This shouldn’t be all that surprising given that the first-gen iPad was released on April 3rd and Apple has a penchant for keeping consistent annual release cycles. Interestingly, the report notes that the second-gen iPad will only be available at Apple stores for the first 6 months on the market. Retailers like Best Buy and the like will potentially have to wait until early October to get their iPad 2 sales on. If true, this would be a curious move on Apple’s part given that the company has worked hard to expand the availability of their popular tablet. Moreover, with the absolute tidal wave of competing tablet devices flooding the market, it makes sense now more than ever to have the iPad 2 available in as many locations as possible.

As for features, there isn’t anything new to divulge, though MacNotes corroborates earlier reports that the iPad 2 will come with a Retina Display, a front and rear facing camera, and a USB port. More recently, it’s been rumored that the iPad 2 will come equipped with PhotoBooth, a fun little photo app many Mac users are familiar with.



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