Apple sans Jobs can continue to flourish

Fri, Jan 21, 2011


John Martellaro of Mac Observer on why Apple will be more than prepared to survive and flourish even if Steve Jobs never resumes his role as full-time Apple CEO:

The first thing to realize is this leave of absence is not a matter of absolutes. Without detracting a single gram from the major, major contributions by Mr. Jobs in his career at Apple, one has to also recognize that he has built a team of people who, collectively, can insure Apple’s future success…

The question we have before us is not whether anyone can ever duplicate Steve Jobs. That’s impossible. The real question is whether a seasoned team who trained under him for over a decade can assume command, bring their own unique skills to bear, and work as a functional team that carries on the tradition and excellence of Apple.

I believe they can and will, if and when the day comes when Mr. Jobs needs to retire.

Check out the full story over here.


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