Japanese company fixes white iPhone 4 printing problem; white iPhone 4 to arrive later today?

Wed, Jan 26, 2011

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One of the proffered reasons behind the conspicuous absence of a white iPhone 4 had to do with color matching problems wherein Apple had a difficult time getting the white shade of the iPhone home button to match the shade of white that draped the rest of the device.

Now comes a rumor via the Japanese language Macotakara that a Japanese company has come up with a way to ensure the uniform application of white paint across the iPhone 4 in a way that, gasp!, pleases the powers that be at Apple.

According to a source, specified printing white color for iPhone 4 brings poor yield and then huge number of defective products. This is the reason of disturbing to start manufacturing, a source said.

To solve this problem, a Japanese company developed miracle painting material which is able to be set thickness of painting layer.

Interestingly, rumors regarding the release of the white iPhone 4 have been picking up steam this week, with references to the device showing up on inventory computers of retailers like Best Buy. Moreover, the Apple Store is currently down which might indicate a new product is on its way. And to keep this rumor mill churning, former online Macworld Australia editor Xavier Verhoeven tweeted the white iPhone codes. Verhoeven reportedly has a solid track record with respect to last minute Apple codes, so we’ll keep ya posted.



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