SoPhone iPhone 4 knockoff is eerily similar to the real thing

Wed, Jan 26, 2011


In the realm of iPhone imitation, or illegal patent infringement if you wanna be blunt about it, there attention to detail on some iPhone knockoff devices is getting scary. The most glaring example is the iPhone 4 inspired SoPhone in Hong Kong which looks and operates so similarly to the real thing that many people can’t even tell the two apart after a few seconds of use.

The device, of course, doesn’t run iOS and runs software 50-60% slower than Apple’s offering. Still, it does come with a removeable battery, and if showing off your tech status is more important than actual functionality, the SoPhone provides a much cheaper alternative – $193 to be exact.

Just be warned, the video produced below by the popular Hong Kong newspaper the Apple Daily explains that if you purchase a knockoff iPhone for commercial use, you subject yourself to a $64,000 fine and 5 years in jail.

via MicGadget



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