AT&T offers unlimited data plan to existing iPhone subscribers ahead of Verizon launch

Thu, Jan 27, 2011


The iPhone landing on Verizon is great news not only for Verizon customers, but also for AT&T customers who will for the first time reap the benefits that inevitably accompany increased competition.

Back in June, AT&T did away with their unlimited data plan and its place implemented a tiered plan. Under the new plan, users can opt to pay $15/month for 200MB of data or $25/month for 2GB of data. AT&T, though, did offer to grandfather in any users who wanted to stay with their $30/month unlimited data plan.

And now with the Verizon iPhone on the horizon, details regarding iPhone pricing plans on Verizon have begun to leak out. The most pertinent detail is that Verizon won’t be offering tiered data plans to iPhone 4 owners. On the contrary, and much like the original iPhone plan under AT&T, users will be forced to go with a $29/month data plan with unlimited bandwidth.

So while AT&T’s tiered plans are great if you’re not into data heavy iPhone use, Verizon’s unlimited data plan certainly caters to folks who push their iPhones to the limit. That said, the Associated Press is reportingthat AT&T is reaching out to iPhone subscribers who formerly abandoned their unlimited data plan by offering them the ability to swtich back to an unlimited data plan, presumably to prevent them from jumping ship to Verizon.

Now you might be wondering, why would anyone who concsionsly abandoned an unlimited data plan want to go back? Well, AT&T’s rules prevent users who went to a tiered plan from hopping back on the unlimited data plan. Further, some of these users perhaps soon realized that their iPhone usage necessiates unlimited data.



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