Autotuned clip of Steve Jobs introducing the original iPhone

Fri, Jan 28, 2011

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Whether you love or hate autotune, there’s no denying that the vocal effect which alters a singer’s voice to attain perfect pitch has had a profound affect on music, and to a lesser extent, pop culture. The first time autotune was¬†prominently used in a song was in Cher’s 1998 song “Believe.” Since then, autotune has taken on a life of its own – from being used quite regularly by Hip Hop artists like Kanye West and T-Pain to hilarious and extremely popular web clips which feature autotuned versions of mundane news reports.

And though Jay-Z might think autotune is dead, we beg to differ. The following autotuned clip of Steve Jobs’ 2007 iPhone introduction at Macworld is simply brilliant.

via iTunedSteveJobs. Thanks Josh for the heads up.


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