iPad 2 will not come with an SD Card slot – Report

Sat, Jan 29, 2011

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It’s been widely assumed that an SD Card slot was all but guaranteed to be a part of the iPad 2, but a new report courtesy of AppleInsider states that an SD Card slot will not be a part of the next-gen iPad.

The root of the SD Card slot rumors go back to a number of leaked images of iPad 2 case designs. Many of these iPad 2 cases included cutouts that by all accounts appeared to be a spot for an upcoming SD Card slot. Now it appears that it may simply be evidence of a relocated SIM card slot.

In a mockup analysis of all the openings and recesses in those cases, it was speculated that that left-side opening could represent the much-rumored SD Card slot. However, a person that¬†AppleInsider trusts on matters such as these has since rebutted that notion, stating instead that the break in the next-gen iPad enclosure at that location is actually a relocation of the tablet’s SIM card slot.¬†(This could signal a smaller logic board in the next iPad and better battery life via and even larger battery).

An SD Card slot would have provided users with an easy way to upload photos directly to their iPad but looks like everyone might have jumped the gun with this particular rumor.



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