Woz says the white iPhone 4 is coming soon

Sun, Jan 30, 2011


Earlier this evening, Apple co-founder and prankster enthusiast Steve Wozniak joined Engadget staff members to record an episode of The Engadget Show Live! during which Woz claimed that Apple had fixed the problem at the root of the delayed white iPhone 4 launch.

The longstanding delay was rumored to be a result of matching issues wherein the shade of white on the home button wasn’t matching up with the shade of white on the rest of the device. Last week we reported that a Japanese company had supposedly come up with a new way to apply a uniform application of white paint across the entire iPhone 4 that apparently did the trick.

According to a source, specified printing white color for iPhone 4 brings poor yield and then huge number of defective products. This is the reason of disturbing to start manufacturing, a source said.

To solve this problem, a Japanese company developed miracle painting material which is able to be set thickness of painting layer.

Meanwhile, other reports claimed that the white paint used on the iPhone 4 caused too much light to leak in through the back of the device, thereby causing photo irregularities. Indeed, Woz, who built himself a makeshift white iPhone with parts he bought online confirmed that he experienced similar problems.

Last Monday, leaked photos of a Best Buy inventory computer revealed spots for 16GB and 32GB iPhone models with a scheduled release date of February 27.



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