Motorola teases Super Bowl Xoom ad, paints Apple users as drones

Sat, Feb 5, 2011


Well lookey here. It appears that Motorola is really planning to stick it to Apple this Super Bowl weekend with a commercial painting Apple users as emotionless drones draped in white. In the video excerpt below, provided to Engadget by Motorola, a nice looking fellow with flowers is reading 1984 on the forthcoming Motorola Xoom tablet.

Well, there’s nothing like sticking it to a competitor by mocking a commercial they made, oh, I don’t know, 27 years ago. Moreover, with more choice for smartphones and tablets than we’ve ever seen before, do Apple users really need to be saved from anything? Oh well, money well spent, I guess.

Earlier this week Motorola released another teaser ad taking Apple to task for their “one design” philosophy.

Interestingly, parodying Apple’s iconic 1984 ad has become quite chic in recent memory. Back in September of 2009, DVD Jon spoofed Apple’s 1984 ad to tout the arrival of Choice, a Mac app designed to enable users to move and transfer files between devices no matter the format.

Related: Apple’s “1984″ commercial first aired on December 15 in Twin Falls, Idaho


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. lrd Says:

    Can’t blame Motorola for trying.

    Too the bad Xoom is vaporware.

    And soon Motorola will be history; then HTC and then Samsung.

    Guess who’s going to fall after Samsung?

  2. instig8r Says:

    Hah! They’ll have ONE device and they call that MORE choice? English must not be their first language…

  3. Sergio Says:

    Not unexpected… I mean if you’re going to copy Apple’s products why not go ahead and copy their advertising too. I’m sure this will lead to HUGE success for the Xoom.

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