Apple revamps “About This Mac” section in OS X Lion; not too shabby!

Wed, Mar 2, 2011


One of the more interesting UI changes we’ve seen in Lion thus far is Apple’s complete re-design of the “About This Mac” section found under the Apple icon on the upper left-hand side of the toolbar. The previous “About This Mac” section merely relayed information about the version of the OS, the processor, the memory, and the startup disk. There was also a link to click “More info” whereupon users would be transported to the Macs system profiler utility app where they could gaze endlessly at a stream of information about their machine;s hardware.

In Lion, Apple has revamped the section and now when users select “More info”, a new window appears with┬átabs in the menu bar with options to gather information about the machines display, storage, memory, and battery. The new setup provides users with an extremely quick and graphical way to gather pertinent details about their machine. The graphical implementation should make things easier on the less technically savvy.

You’ll note below in the Storage section that Apple accounts for storage in the same way it does on iTunes when it shows iOS devices.

Read more about “About this Mac” changes over at MacStories.



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