Apple Stores to remove games and certain hardware to make room for personalized in-store setup service

Thu, Mar 10, 2011


In an effort to make room for other services, and perhaps even more of an indication that boxed software is on its way out, Apple is removing 32 games and some hardware peripherals from its retail stores. In their place, accordingto Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, will be more space for Apple’s personalized in-store setup service which helps new Mac users set up their iTunes account and get acclimated to the Apple way of doing things.

Among the products that will no longer be displayed in the retail stores are printers, scanners and possibly some hard drives. These peripherals will still be stocked in the store and available if a customer requests them.

At the point of sale, the Apple salesperson will still recommend the customer purchase one of those peripherals if they feel it fits in with the customer’s purchase.

According to my sources, Apple is also getting rid of up to 32 game titles from its retail locations. That would reduce the number of games being displayed in the stores to around 8 per store.

Dalrymple notes that games, on account of them not being top sellers, were the first to get the axe when Apple began looking to expand its in-store setup service. And as opposed to hardware, Mac titles will not even be available in the back of Apple Retail stores and interested consumers will be instructed to visit the online Mac App Store should they want to purchase a specific title.


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