Apple marketing VP Allison Johnson leaving to start new PR firm

Thu, Mar 31, 2011


Allison Johnson, Apple’s current worldwide marketing VP, is planning to leave the company sometime before Summer to start up a new PR and marketing firm with former Facebook PR executive Brandee Barker.

Johnson has been at Apple since 2005 where she reported directly to Steve Jobs. Previously, Johnson served as a public relations manager at HP in addition to positions at both IBM and Netscape.

“She’s a seasoned and respected executive who came to Apple from Hewlett-Packard,” All Things D writes, “where she managed public relations during the brutal proxy battle over HP’s acquisition of Compaq Computer. A former co-worker there once described her as “prime minister” of HP. block.”

Well before that, Johnson had been at Apple in the 90s where she helped oversee Apple’s “Think Different” campaign which featured iconic figures from times past.


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