Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X; Available in June for $299

Wed, Apr 13, 2011


As had been rumored, Apple yesterday unveiled its latest update to Final Cut Pro, dubbed Final Cut X. The latest upgrade brings with it a host of new features, including support for all processor cores via Grand Central Dispatch, support for high-def 4k resolution, the ability to edit during import, scalable rendering, and resolution independent playback system. Oh, and one more thing, Final Cut X is 64-bit, an announcement which drew much applause when announced yesterday during the FCP User Group SuperMeet at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas.

Regarding availability, FCP X will be available through the Mac App Store beginning in June for just $299.

Photography Bay was in attendance and was able to detail a few more of the featuresof FCP via their live blog. Intrigueingly, Apple said the FCP preview yesterday was just a glimpse into many of the new features in store.

In any event, some other FCP X features Apple detailed yesterday include.

Fully color-managed Final Cut based on colorsync

Media is ready for editing even before ingest is completed. On the way in, media can be analyzed for stabilization

People detection. Shot detection.  It will find medium shots, CU shots, etc. on the way in.  Automatic non-destructive color balance as it is being ingested.

Automatic audio clean up on the way.  Options to rid hum, rumble, etc. on the way in.

Range-based keywording.

Magnetic timeline.  If you slide a clip down the timeline, long clips (i.e., secondary audio) won’t collide with other clips. The other clips will drop down to a new track and nothing is pushed out of sync.

Compound clips. You can combine multiple clips into a single clip to make sequence easier to understand.  Everything that is associated with compound clips is still accessible, but moves together with later edits.

Inline precision editor. You can double-click on the seam b/w 2 clips and the timeline opens up to show what’s outside the handles.


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