EA to acquire Firemint, the developers behind Flight Control and Real Racing

Wed, May 4, 2011


By: John Hiesler

When it comes to gaming, and sports gaming in particular, EA is one of the premier development companies around. From the Madden series to NBA Live, EA is in many ways synonymous with hardcore sports console gaming. With respect to mobile devices, however, we’ve often found EA’s titles somewhat lacking.

NBA Live is okay. Madden on the iPhone is alright. And their Soccer offering pales in comparison to X2 Soccer. That said, one development house who has iOS gaming, and mobile gaming in general, down to a science is Firemint. Firement is the Australian-based development company responsible for popular titles like Flight Control and the Real Racing series.

“The Firemint team is remarkable for its critical and commercial success,” Barry Cottle, Executive Vice President and General Manger of EA Interactive said in a press release. “Having them as part of EAi will accelerate our position as worldwide leader in game development for mobile devices and online gaming platforms.”

Flight Control is of course one of the more popular iOS titles of all time having netted over 2 million downloads to date. At last year’s WWDC, both Flight Control HD and Real Racing won an Apple Design Awards. Firemint was also one of the first developers to bring their iOS app to the Mac and have aggressively been bringing their apps to the iPad as well.

We’ll wait and see what sort of fruit this new acquisition brings.

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