Apple to spend $6.7 million to replace iconic Glass Cube at NYC’s Fifth Avenue store

Thu, Jun 16, 2011


Apple’s flagship “Cube” store on Fifth Avenue in NYC not only generates an insane amount of cash for Apple, it just also happens to be one of the most photographed “landmarks” in the world. Back in 2009 we noted that the Cube, according to Flickr, was the 28th most photographed landmark in the world and the 5th most photographed spot in New York City.

Now comes word that the iconic glass Cube on Fifth Avenue is poised for some renovations, to the tune of $6.7 million. And by renovations, we mean an entirely new glass structure.

iFOAppleStore reports:

In a stunning development, an expensive construction project has begun at the Fifth Avenue (NYC) Apple store to completely remove the unique and iconic glass cube entrance to the store and to then reinstall it. Permits issued by the city’s Department of Buildings confirm the company will spend $6,661,050 to completely remove the glass and its sophisticated connection hardware, make upgrades to the surrounding plaza structure, and then “reinstall” the cube.

There’s no explanation as to why Apple is undertaking the aforementioned endeavor, but iFO speculates it could be anything from safety concerns to a mere upgrade of current technology.

“The design of the cube,” the report states, “was trademarked last year to prevent anyone from copying the structure, and store lease documents indicate if Apple were to move, they would take the cube with them.”

The renovation, or perhaps replacement is a more apt word, may be finished as early as this November.


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