Apple posts official FAQ about Final Cut Pro X

Wed, Jun 29, 2011


Realizing that the controversy surrounding Final Cut Pro X was only getting bigger, Apple today posted an FAQ on its website where it addresses some of the more common complaints of FCP X.

One of the more controversial features of FCP X involves the programs inability to import clips from Final Cut Pro 7. To this end, Apple explains why it’s not feasible.

Final Cut Pro X includes an all-new project architecture structured around a trackless timeline and connected clips. In addition, Final Cut Pro X features new and redesigned audio effects, video effects, and color grading tools. Because of these changes, there is no way to “translate” or bring in old projects without changing or losing data. But if you’re already working with Final Cut Pro 7, you can continue to do so after installing Final Cut Pro X, and Final Cut Pro 7 will work with Mac OS X Lion. You can also import your media files from previous versions into Final Cut Pro X.

You can check out the entire FAQ here.


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