AirPlay and FaceTime at the forefront of two new iPhone commercials

Mon, Jul 11, 2011


Apple this past Sunday released two brand new iPhone commercials, with one focusing on AirPlay and the other on FaceTime. Both commercials, as is Apple’s style, focus on what users can actually do with a device as opposed to spouting off a list of features that the mainstream could pretty much care less about.

First up, Airplay: “Just one more thing that makes an iPhone an iPhone.”

And now FaceTime:

Interestingly, or maybe not so much, but because we’re nerdy like that we decided to google a few of the names listed in the FaceTime ad. Not surprisingly, a few of them work at TBWA’s Media Arts Lab. Gage Bock, for instance, is an executive assistant there while Eric Quach is a studio designer there.

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