Apple’s latest iPhone print ad caters to the business crowd

Thu, Jul 14, 2011


Apple has historically never been that invested in the enterprise, but the advent of the iPhone changed all that. Slowly but surely, and similar to Apple’s interest in gaming, Apple has embraced the enterprise with increased vigor. Now, it’s rare to see an Apple media event or earnings conference call where executives aren’t boasting about the iPhone and iPads infiltration into Fortune 500 corporations. Indeed, during AT&T’s most recent earnings conference call, AT&T executive Ron Spears noted that four out of every 10 iPhones sold are made to enterprise users.

All that said, Apple recently published a new business-centric ad on the back of The Economist touting how the iPhone is quite the business savvy device. Highlighting apps such as Bloomberg and Oracle BI, the ad’s tagline reads: “iPhone loves business. With over 425,000 apps, the best phone for apps just keeps getting better.”

via MacRumors


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