Man brings goat into Apple retail store [Video]

Mon, Aug 1, 2011

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Mark Malkoff had an interesting observation. As far as he could tell, customers in Apple retail stores could do whatever they wanted. In fact, Apple gave customers so much leeway that it seemingly welcomed patrons to sing songs, record online videos, and even bring in housepets. Malkoff had even heard rumors of Apple Store patrons bringing in exotic pets such as parrots and snakes. In short, Apple seemed to turn a blind eye, or even welcome, actions that would get people tossed out of most other big brand retail stores.

And so a social a social experiment was borne.

Malkoff wanted to see just how far he could push the limits of what an Apple Store would allow. And luckily for us, he videotaped the entire thing.

First up Malkoff ordered a pizza to the second floor of an Apple Store. 30 minutes later, in walks the pizza delivery guy. Malkoff ate the pizza no problem, with one employee even remarking that Malkoff’s plan was “awesome.”

Second, Malkoff had a staged (or so we would assume) romantic date with a tall blonde. They ate a little pasta, did a little bit of slow dancing. All in all, they were left alone, though their request to dim the lights was denied.

Next, Malkoff dressed up as the most evil guy in the world – Darth Vader of course – and asked for help to fix his iPhone. One Apple employee told DV to “use the force.” Too funny!

Lastly, and perhaps the most entertaining bit, Malkoff walks in with a little baby goat. I’m not sure where Malkoff picked up a goat, but does it really matter? And besides, Apple Store employees didn’t seem to care about the goat’s presence anyways.

Yep, it seems that you can do just about anything at an Apple Store these days.


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