Latest AT&T ad for the iPhone touts ability to “talk and surf at the same time”

Sun, Sep 11, 2011


With Sprint all set to start carrying the iPhone this October, consumers in the US will soon have more options than ever before as to which carrier to choose. Consequently, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will inevitably tout their strengths in an effort to attract new subscribers and keep current customers from defecting.

Take AT&T, for example. They can’t really compete with Verizon when it comes to call quality and reception. And don’t expect them to offer users unlimited data plans as Sprint, rumor has it, is planning to do. But one feather in AT&T’s cap is that theirĀ GSM network allows (iPhone) users to talk on the phone and surf the web concurrently, something which this ad demonstrates quite comically.

AT&T really began hyping up this feature once the iPhone 4 came to Verizon and we can expect to see more commercials like this one as the battle for iPhone subscribers is poised to intensify in the weeks ahead.


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  1. ChicagoTom Says:

    Do you live under a rock? AT&T has been running ads based on this point ever since the iPhone was officially announced for Verizon. That was nine months ago.

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