An early peak at Hong Kong’s first Apple retail store

Tue, Sep 20, 2011


This coming Saturday, an Apple retail store will make its long awaited debut in Hong Kong at the IFC Mall. As is typical for Apple, the location of the retail store is within a heavily foot-trafficked area surrounded by upscale stores.

ifoAppleStore notes that Apple’s Hong Kong store will sport a unique two-level design and describes the layout.

The rear wall of both levels are glass windows looking out towards the city. On the inside, the lower level has two wide stainless steel walls, with a visitor entrance in the middle. The walls include back-lit display cases promoting Apple’s products. The upper level has an all-glass front window, with a glass bridge to a mall hallway. A spiral glass staircase connects the two levels in the middle of the store space. The storefront is trimmed in stainless steel, including the support columns for the upper level.

The store space is rather shallow, but very wide—about 35 feet deep by 90 feet wide. This may explain why the lower level has a solid front wall—it provides more wall space for product displays, which a glass window would not provide. Overall, the public store space could total up to 8,100 square-feet.

But why settle for a description, accurate though it may be, when you can view photos. An enterprising tipster sent 9to5Mac a plethora of photos of the inside of the highly anticipated store.

Below you can make out the two level design with the elegantly placed and centered spiral staircase.

Here’s a view from inside the Mall.

And a look from inside.

Finally, note that Apple has already put up an official webpage for its Hong Kong store.


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