Apple to begin iPad loaner program for retail employees – Report

Thu, Sep 29, 2011

News, Rumors

Apple will reportedly begin a new iPad pilot program for Apple retail employees that would allow them to check out an iPad from a stock of loaner devices for one week at a time. Employees will be able to use said devices for their own personal use outside of the store in the interim.

“At the moment,” CNET reports, “the loaner program is only set for Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco, and it’s unclear whether it will it will go on to make its way to other stores, or include other products.”

Apple of course takes its customer service very seriously and we imagine that a program like this would go a long ways towards making its retail staff even more familiar with the products they’re tasked with selling and preaching the benefits of to inquiring customers.

Of course, this can’t quite compare to when Apple in 2007 gave every one of its employees (retail staff included) free 4GB first-gen iPhones. Oddly enough, some Apple employees were fired after they “returned” said devices to Apple for a refund/store credit.


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