From Chuck D to Coldplay and Neil Diamod, Music luminaries pay tribute to Steve Jobs

Tue, Oct 25, 2011

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We somehow missed this amongst the avalanche of tributes to Steve Jobs following his death but think it’s still worth posting.

Jobs of course was an avid music fan and often used his personal connections to musicians to help get Apple’s music initiatives up off the ground. That Apple’s iPod fundamentally changed the music industry is not in dispute. Together with the iTunes Music Store, Apple literally changed the way the world listened to and acquired music.

That said, it’s not surprising that a large number of prominent musicians were quick to offer their condolences and respects to Jobs following his death, either via Twitter or their own webpages. While Bono’s tribute is perhaps the most well-known, here are a list of more tributes to Jobs from other musical bigwigs.

“We are so sad to hear about the passing of Steve Jobs. In all of our encounters with him he was such a lovely man, and always so humble … about his incredible talents. Like all of the people he knew, and the millions of others he didn’t, we will miss him” – Coldplay

“#youchangetheworld we lost a great innovator … steve jobs designed a whole new world … he will be missed …” –

“Thanks for the tools, the inspiration, the possibilities … Miss you already Steve” – Trent Reznor

“If you have yr health consider it the top of the GIFT pile. SteveJobs did a lot in 56yrs&wished he had wht many of yoU HAVE… I did the Grammy webcast in 1996 for Apple at MadisonSqGarden as payment they said $1000 or 2 POwerPCs, ..I took the 2 PowerMACs” – Chuck D.

“My dad brought home a squat, beige Mac in ’84. I played Dark Castle and wrote stories on it. It changed everything. Thanks, Mr. Jobs” – Colin Meloy of the Decemberists

“RIP to one of my HEROS Steve Jobs!!! You’s a Bad Mother fucka! 4real. Changed the game. Thanks for dreaming So BIG!!! #ripSteveJobs” – P Diddy

“iSad” – Neil Diamond

“RIP Steve Jobs” – Mick Jagger

“RIP Steve Jobs Rest in peace homie” – Snoop Dogg

“An innovator. Contributed so much to this generation & beyond. RIP Steve Jobs” – Nicki Minaj



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