Apple retail store at Grand Central Station won’t be opening “anytime soon”

Tue, Nov 22, 2011


Earlier this week we reported that Apple’s upcoming and massive retail store in Grand Central Station was on track to open in just a few days. Checking in at 23,000 square feet, the upcoming store will be Apple’s biggest yet and on account of its location will likely be Apple’s busiest as well.

But it turns out that the upcoming store will not, in fact, be open in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

Talking to a construction worker at the site, Mashable was told that the store won’t be opening up for business anytime soon. “We still have a lot to do, so my guess is that it will be ready in December,” the construction worker reportedly said.

This will be Apple’s first U.S. opening since the departure of Ron Johnson, the former senior vice president for retail at Apple who helped create its iconic store design with Steve Jobs. Johnson is now the CEO of J.C. Penney.

The Grand Central Apple Store will reportedly cost the company more than $1 million in rent each year to reach the 750,000 people that pass through the venue each day. The store will be the company’s fifth Apple Store in New York City.

via Mashable


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