Best Buy ad touts “all the hottest Apple gifts”

Mon, Nov 28, 2011


If competing with retailers like Best Buy is Apple’s biggest problem this holiday season, well, it’s fair to say that they’re sitting pretty. The the entire thrust of the Best Buy commercial below is that Best Buy has any Apple product you’d find at an Apple retail store, so why not hop on down to Best Buy instead. Clearly, the demand for Apple products are such that advertising individual products is not the highest priority. Rather, merely advertising that any Apple product can be purchased at Best Buy is sufficient.

And think about it Рthis Best Buy commercial seeks to generate sales by essentially masquerading as an Apple commercial. Again, Apple undoubtedly sitting pretty, and with reports that its sales on Black Friday set an all time individual day sales record, Apple this holiday quarter may very well set a revenue and earnings record when all is said and done.

Now it is worth pointing out that you can get some great deals at Best Buy, with significant savings across almost all of Apple’s entire product lineup, but the customer support you get an Apple Store is arguably worth the trip there in and of itself. Either way, Apple will be selling a boatload of devices this holiday shopping season.



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