Apple Store in Grand Central Station opens up to thousands of eager fans

Mon, Dec 12, 2011


Apple long anticipated retail store in New York’s Grand Central Station opened up to throngs of excited consumers this Friday. Measuring in at 23,000 square feet, Apple’s new retail location is its largest yet and is likely to be its most successful, or at the very least the busiest, given that 750,000 people file in and out of Grand Central Station on a daily basis, a figure which rises to 1 million during the holiday season.

In typical fashion, the first 4,000 entrants to the new store were given commemorative T-shirts, a commodity that has oddly enough taken on a life of its own as some folks are intent on collecting T-shirts from every Apple Store opening.

Just two and a half hours after the doors opened, Apple announced that 4,000 people had already walked through. All for a store that primarily sells phones and computers. Without question, Apple’s retail initiative, which was initially the subject of laughter and scorn, is now the envy of the retailing world where every opening is essentially the equivalent of Black Friday.

“This was shot shortly after they lowered the barricades. In the shot you can see hundreds of line-goers (middle left), a crowd of Apple staffers (above) and an even larger crowd (below) gathered in the lobby.”

via Fortune


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