Bunim/Murray Productions drops Final Cut Pro in favor of Avid

Thu, Jan 5, 2012


Despite a wave of optimism preceding its release, Apple created a storm of controversy when it released a revamped version of Final Cut Pro, dubbed Final Cut Pro X, this past Summer. Professional video editors, by and large, were incensed at what they categorized as ‘dumbing down’ of the product by which they earned their living.

The backlash was so strong that Apple engineers were quick to post FAQs addressing some of the more important and common user concerns. And following that, Apple went so far as to make the penultimate version of FCP, Final Cut Pro 7, available for purchase once again to help quell some of the backlash.

So while Apple’s rehashed version of FCP might appeal more to the mainstream user, which in reality is the market that Apple truly cares about, professional editors weren’t sure what to make of Apple’s abrupt and unwelcome change. In a particularly descriptive and appropriate tweet, Daniel Jalkut at the time said that “Apple will happily piss off 5,000 professionals to please 5,000,000 amateurs.”

So while some video editing gurus saw the potential of Apple’s new video editing framework, others began exploring other options.

In one prominent example, TV production company Bunim/Murray – which you might recognize as the company behind popular reality shows such as The Real World and Keeping up with the Kardashians – recently decided to stop using Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

It’s replacement? Avid.

Avid yesterday explained the transition in a press release:

Avid  today announced that renowned television production company, Bunim/Murray Productions, has selected Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony 6 editing software for all of its programs  beginning in early 2012. Bunim/Murray joins a growing number of professional users who have returned to using Avid solutions from Final Cut Pro to meet their production workflow requirements. Additionally, as part of this implementation, Bunim/Murray also plans to deploy an Avid ISIS 5000 shared storage system to effectively store and share media across its organization.

… Following recent market shifts, Bunim/Murray reconsidered its professional video editing software options and was looking for a software provider whose professional editing solution met their needs – today and into the future.

“Due to the large volume of media generated by our reality shows, we needed to re-evaluate our editing and storage solutions. At the same time, we were looking for a partner who would understand our long-term needs,” said Mark Raudonis, senior vice president of Post Production at Bunim/Murray. “As we talked with Avid, it was clear that the company has really forged ahead since we worked with them years ago. Their commitment to the needs of their professional customers, like us, is clear. And, with the introduction of Media Composer 6, they really raised the bar and have a vision for the future that makes them the right choice for our business.”



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