Apple marketing already brainwashing our children [Photo]

Tue, Jan 10, 2012

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Well this certainly proves useful to all the folks out there who like equating Apple to a cult. The following photo reportedly comes a French kindergarten class in Vancouver. The teacher had asked the students to come up with various words that start with the letter ‘i’.

And lo and behold, Apple’s diabolical plan to brainwash the youth of North America is already underway! 6 of the 10 answers all center on Apple products, even with a surprising reference to iCloud.

And for all you parents out there, if you happen to see your child laughing in the face of danger to get his/her hands on a vintage Mac (as in the photo below), an intervention may be necessary.

Of course, children using Apple products, even as young as 2 years old, is nothing new.

The first image is from but we couldn’t find a link to the original posting.



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