Reports emerge of Apple retail store employees being laid off

Mon, Aug 13, 2012


With the iPhone unveiling and pre-orders just about a month away, according to the most recent rumors, MacRumors has an interesting story detailing a rash of layoffs that are reportedly sweeping through some Apple retail stores.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been receiving reports that Apple has been laying off a number of recently-hired staff members at its retail stores. Most of the reports have been coming from Apple retail employees in the United Kingdom, but several of these reports claim that similar actions are taking place at stores around the world. We’ve also been receiving reports of long-term cutbacks in hours for part-time staff in the United States and Canada.

One report in particular received by MacRumors details how three distinct training groups at a UK Apple retail store were all let go just this week. Further, the site also claims to have received word that retail employees in North America are having their hours cut back rather significantly.

Check out the full scoop over here.


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