Apple to maintain tight control over lightning-based third party cables and accessories

Wed, Oct 3, 2012


We’ve previously reported that Apple’s new Lightning cable connector has an authentication chip of sorts that might serve to prevent third party cables and accessories from working unassisted. In light of that, iLounge is reporting today that Apple is, in fact, looking to tighten up its Made for iPad/iPhone/iPod program for third party vendors.

Jason Horwitz, who has an amazing track record with respect to Apple related rumors notes that, going forward, only products manufactured at Apple-approved facilities will be able to develop adapters and accessories for lightning-equipped iOS devices. To date, Horwitz notes, Apple has yet to approve any facilities, something which will make the number of Lightning accessories rather scarce for the time being.

One source notes that Apple is planning an MFi “seminar,” where it will discuss changes to the program and the rules for Lightning accessory development going forward. The seminar will be held in November in China, notes the source, after the point at which third-party Lightning accessories could be manufactured in time for holiday sale.

“Sources,” the report lastly adds, “have further noted that the Lightning connector has proved difficult to copy, reducing the near-term likelihood of unauthorized third-party connector cables.”

via iLounge


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