Launch date for 5th generation iPod Touch draws closer, but details remain murky

Mon, Oct 8, 2012


Lost amid the hoopla surrounding the iPhone 5 was Apple’s most important iPod refresh in recent memory. Not only did the iPod Nano get a completely new redesign while also being graced with video once again, but Apple’s iPod Touch was given a larger screen, a thinner form factor, new colors, and a much improved camera.

The iPhone may be Apple’s main source of revenue, and while iPod revenue has been on the decline, the iPod isn’t dead just yet. Something tells me that the iPod will have a resurrection of sorts this holiday shopping season now that Apple has given folks a reason to upgrade for the first time in a few refresh cycles.

If you want to pick up a new iPod Touch now, however, you’ll be gravely disappointed. Visitors to Apple’s online store might notice if you try and purchase an iPod Touch it simply says “Available to ship: October”. And of course you won’t find it in Apple’s retail stores yet either. All I was able to glean from Apple after contacting a retail store representative today was that it’s scheduled to release sometime this month, albeit without an exact date just yet.

This past Friday, though, MacRumors noted that some of its forum members are noticing some changes in their order statuses.

As of earlier today, some of those early pre-order customers have begun reporting that their order statuses have shifted to “Preparing for Shipment”, the final stage before being passed off to delivery companies. At least one customer has reported that his credit card has also been charged.

Meanwhile, Macotakara is reporting that both the iPod Touch and iPod Nano will be dropping in Japan tomorrow. Perhaps a US launch won’t be far behind.

When introducing the iPod Touch, Apple’s Greg Joswiak called it the “best iPod we’ve ever done.” And as a quick refresh, it’s the lightest iPod Touch ever produced, weighing in at 3.1 ounces. Also, it has the same exact display as the iPhone 5 and comes with an A5 dual core processor.

Note that the iPod Touch 5th generation only comes in 2 capacities –  32GB for $299 and 64 for $399.


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