HTC profits plunge in face of competition from Apple and Samsung

Thu, Oct 11, 2012


It may seem like ancient history at this point, but well before Apple sued Samsung over its implementation of Android, Apple fired its legal ammunition at HTC back in March of 2010.

Since then, Samsung has withstood the full impact of Apple’s legal attack and has nonetheless posted a number of impressive and record beating quarters.

But HTC, on the other hand, hasn’t been as lucky. On the contrary, they’ve been downright unlucky amid  increasingly disappointing and shrinking sales.

Earlier this week, HTC released its Q3 2012 numbers and things aren’t looking particularly rosy. Quarterly revenue came in at $2.4 billion while profits checked in at $639 million. During the June quarter, in contrast, revenue came in at $3.1 billion while the company posted a profit of $225 million.

Unwiredview adds:

HTC decline has accelerated again. Sales dropped 12% in just one month, 23% in 3 months and 48% in a year. Profits are now evaporating even faster – 47% decline in 3 months and down a whopping 79% in a year. One or two more quarters like this and HTC will join the crowd of money losing Android smartphone makers like Motorola, LG and Sony.

This all in spite of the fact that HTC does put out some quality Android-based smartphones, and arguably has some of the sleekest hardware on the market. But with Apple doing what it does, and with Samsung seemingly lapping HTC, the company just can’t seem to find its footing as the premier purveyor of Android-based handsets. And we imagine that the release of the iPhone 5 certainly won’t help things as we steadily approach the busy holiday shopping season.

So in the interim, they still have their Windows Phones, but in case you haven’t noticed, they aren’t exactly selling like hot cakes, if at all.


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