Chrisann Brennan, Steve Jobs’ high school sweetheart, to write memoir

Wed, Oct 17, 2012


Steve Jobs was a complicated man. Heralded as a genius and visionary who helped usher in a number of technological and cultural revolutions, Jobs was equally as famous for his wrath which he would often unleash upon unsuspecting employees when they didn’t perform up to Jobs expectations.

And while Jobs reportedly toned down his temper a bit as he became older and more of a family fan, Jobs’ early days were replete with family drama akin to what you might find on a Soap Opera.

It’s no secret now that Jobs fathered a love-child named Lisa with his high school sweetheart Chrisann Brennan. Lisa, not coincidentally, was also the name for Apple’s Lisa computer.

Of course, when Lisa was first born, Jobs denied vehemently that he was the father, going so far as to testify in Court that the child couldn’t have been his because he was sterile. All lies of course, and eventually Jobs did come around to having a relationship with Lisa and owning up to the fact that she was in fact his daughter.

In the wake of Steve Jobs’ passing, Chrisann Brennan relayed a charming story about Jobs while the two were an item.

We had very little money and no foreseeable prospects. One evening after we had splurged on dinner and a movie, we walked back to our car to discover a $25 parking ticket. I just turned inside out with despair, but Steve did not seem to care. He had a deep well of patience when it came to discouragements. We drove to the ocean near Crissy Field in San Francisco and walked out onto the beach to see the sunset, where I began talking about money worries. He gave me a long, exasperated look, reached into his pockets and took the few last coins and dollars we had and threw them into the ocean. All of them.

A lovely story, and perhaps we’ll be able to experience quite a few more now that it’s being reported that Brennan, who now lives as a painter, is writing a memoir that will naturally touch extensively on Brennan’s relationship with Jobs.

The memoir is set to be published next year by St. Martin’s Press who noted that it in addition to her relationship with Jobs, the book will cover “Jobs’s enormous appeal, energy and drive as well as his developing ambition and ruthlessness in business and personal dealings.”

via New York Times


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