iPhone 5 already surpasses Samsung Galaxy S3 in web traffic

Wed, Oct 17, 2012


Despite only having been out for less than a month, a new report from the research firm Chitika shows that web traffic from the iPhone 5 has already surpassed that from Samsung’s Galaxy S3. So while the pundits and even Apple enthusiasts and iPhone owners may have less than stellar things to say about Apple’s Mapping application, that clearly has not slowed down iPhone 5 sales nor people’s use of their device.

Chitka notes:

Record-breaking sales numbers, along with new 4G browsing speeds which encourage data usage, are the most likely explanation for this tremendous growth. This latest shift in the mobile ecosystem is not welcome news for Samsung, which has positioned its device as a direct competitor to the iPhone 5.

One point of curiosity though is that Chitika’s research found that Apple’s iPhone 5 garnered 56% of web traffic while the Galaxy S3 took home 44% of web traffic. So these two smartphones alone account for 100% of smartphone web traffic? Surely something must be amiss.

via Chitika


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