Phil Schiller says fifth-generation iPod Touch is too thin for ambient light sensor

Wed, Oct 17, 2012


Apple’s newly released iPod Touch is by far the best iPod ever released. Sharing the same 4-inch screen as the iPhone 5, not to mention the long-awaited addition of a competent camera, the 5th generation iPod Touch is a sight to behold.

It’s also insanely thin, we’re talking just 6.1mm deep. To that end, there’s only so much Apple can pack into the device.

This was brought to the forefront recently on account of a purported email from Apple executive Phil Schiller addressing a user complaint that the new iPod Touch lacks an auto-brightness setting.

Schiller responded,

Thank you for purchasing a new iPod touch. It is a remarkable device! The 5th generation iPod touch does not have a built-in automatic light sensor (it’s just too thin!)


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