Angry Birds is Apple’s free app of the week

Mon, Jan 21, 2013


angry birds rio

I’ve been rather upfront regarding my addiction to Angry Birds:

On the advice of a good friend, I picked up the app for a mere $0.99 and have been unable to put it down since. Quick gaming sessions (such is the plan) have consistently morphed into hours of turning colorful birds into dangerous and precise projectiles capable of taking down even the sturdiest and most impenetrable of structures. Alas, promising myself a much needed break after completing a challenging level is of no use. There’s always one more level to be had, new challenges to be conquered, and in the simplest of terms, more pigs to kill.

To date, I’ve played every single Angry Birds game so I can say with authority that one of the best thus far – Angry Birds Rio – is now available for free on iTunes as it is Apple’s free app of the week.

Check it out over here and get your bird slingshot on and here for the iPad HD version.


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