Notes of interest about Apple’s retail stores

Fri, Jan 25, 2013


It’s been an up and down year for Apple retail stores. First and foremost, we had the questionable-from-the-outset hiring of John Browett as Senior VP of Retail who barely lasted a few months at Apple before being shown the door. Nevertheless, Apple was able to push beyond Browett’s tenure – where he ruffled a few feathers with a controversial strategy to save money by scaling back on employee hours – and have another banner year.

Here are the details.

For the quarter, Apple posted revenue of $54.5 billion and a profit of 13.1 billion, both company records. Of that revenue figure, $6.44 billion came from Apple’s line of retail stores. That’s a slight increase from the $6.112 billion Apple retail stores generated during the holiday quarter of 2011. Average revenue per store totaled $16.3 million, the second highest figure in Apple retail history.

Other points of interest regarding Apple retail stores include that Apple opened up 11 new stores during the past quarter, while 14 were moved or were expanded on account of growing demand (i.e some stores are getting too big for their britches).

Cumatlively, there are now 401 Apple retail stores across the globe. The breakdown is 251 of them are located in the US while 150 are located abroad. China in particular, which is clearly Apple’s main source of revenue growth these days, now has 11 Apple stores in total.


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