Apple Stores to match competitor prices on Black Friday

Tue, Nov 25, 2008

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infoAppleStore is reporting that Apple has internally announced that its Apple Stores are authorized to match the Black Friday sales of any authorized Apple re-seller. There have been reports indicating that Apple was already planning significant price cuts for Black Friday, so this Thanksgiving holiday is shaping up to be a great time to purchase Apple products at attractive prices. BestBuy is already selling MacBooks and iMacs at $100-$150 discounts, and Apple currently has a teaser ad on its website telling visitors to check back in the day after Thanksgiving for one-day-only holiday deals.

Last year at this time, Apple was selling MacBooks and iMacs for anywhere between $50 and $100 off, so the deals this holiday season already seem to be better. And not only are the price cuts more significant, but Apple’s product line has also been upgraded with newly released MacBooks, iPods, and spec upgraded iMacs. Apple shoppers will certainly be getting a lot more bang for their buck this holiday season.


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  1. brady Says:

    please please please some apple reseller grossly undercut all apple products… for all the years you’ve been putting up with the insanely low margins

  2. Feldwebel Wolfenstool Says:

    What’s that? A 5% discount? Wow..I’m so excited, i just soiled myself.

  3. twentynine Says:

    $100-150 off. Wow. Even HP, which had their laptops already priced way below Apple, is having a better sale. Example: Staples is running a HP G50-106 for $399 (was $699). That is double the supposed sale Apple hinted at. I don’t know how credible this site is for any of this, but seriously. Apple needs to lower the prices.

  4. Justin Says:

    Buy people buy. I need APPL back in the 150’s. Plus, they make bad ass products.

  5. tekno_boy Says:

    Oh but, Apple cant afford much of a discount, thier prices are already rock bottom. ¦)

  6. Joel Says:

    Apple will never drop their prices down as much as HP and other companies because that high price tag makes them more appeal able and sexy. They would simply be just another computer if everybody could afford one.

  7. B Says:

    Most apple resellers barely make a profit off selling apple hardware. (Trust me I work at one) If we offered a large price break, we’d be shelling out items well below cost.

    Also, despite all the shiny goodness of the new aluminum body macbooks…internally they really aren’t that different than the old generations, with exception of the dedicated video. I’d advise picking up some of the older gen macbook pros at the big discount that’s being offered on them before they go out of stock.

  8. Cover Says:

    Better than nothing I guess.

  9. mzakaras Says:

    twentynine: too bad that HP computers are pieces of crap, and that when you add up what you actually get even with a basic Macbook (e.g. built in camera, better OS and apps, better warranty and support) then you’re practically paying the same …

  10. ig88b1 Says:

    mzakaras: too bad that apple computers are overpriced pieces of crap, and when you add up that the mice suck, safari sucks, the built in webcam sucks, and the games suck (yes, all 3 of them) then your practically shelling out a thousand bucks for a crippled computer.

  11. datsunzcr Says:

    If you have ever owned a Mac, one would know that the value for the money is awesome. Everything on the system when you unpack it is actual software – not a trial. If you buy a PC with Vista, that is all that you get. Then you get to buy anti-virus software, a Word Processor, a spreadsheet, a real photoeditor, a PDF reader, a movie editor, a DVD movie burner that does the menus correctly and install it all on your own. The only thing that I added to my Intel iMac when I bought it a year ago was Apple’s iWork program that cost $79 and could be installed on 5 computers without breaking the license. No license checking, no viruses, no headaches and a Apple person that speaks ENGLISH on the phone if I have a problem. I have only had to call them once. I have owed PC’s for over 20 years and finally bought a Mac. The cost saving from having to NOT fix the operating system, buying software that should be there (and then installing it and then it conflicting with something else on the system) and having to clean viruses off every week is unmatched. Every morning I get up, get on my computer and KNOW that the system is waiting to get to work! I KNOW that there will be no surprises. Add an external hard drive to backup to with Time Machine and if your system fails, just send your computer to the Apple Store or call and ship it back to them, get the new one back and hook up the backup and your computer is completely back to the way that it was. Oh, and the system runs in 64 bit mode – Vista is still 32 unless you purchase the upgrade and then really have NO software to run on it…

    I have not regretted one day that I paid $1700 for my iMac. I still build and fix PC’s and I still have a MSCE certs and I got my Apple certs. I now tell people with failing computers – buy a Mac and I’ll put Windows on it and you can run them both.

    By the way, if you have a iPhone and own a PC, you have YET to fully enjoy the full functionality of your iPhone. Anything on my Mac ports to my iPhone – basically it allows me to carry my computer with me – everywhere.

    Cheer and Happy Holidays!

  12. ervman1 Says:

    datsunzcr, just because you are too stupid to know how to properly maintain your pc doesn’t make mac better…you say you build and fix computers and you have a MSCE certification? what was the point of adding that tidbit? making your post seem credible? You have no idea how full of crap Apple is and their Macs. They are ridiculously overpriced. Why don’t they just sell their os to let users decide what they want? Oh thats right, they have to make money off the hardware or else no one would buy it. Microsoft develops amazing operating systems and lets users decide what kind of machine they want to use it on. And for Apple to call its support staff the Genius team is the biggest insult to intellectual pursuits of the past few thousand years. Get a mac you say? No thanks, I’d rather be smarter than my computer and not let some tool in a turtleneck brainwash me into thinking a mac piece of junk can do anything other than let me identify idiots without having to hear a word…

  13. charles Says:

    Owning 14 Dells and 4 Apples let me tell you that you get what you pay for. Over the long hall the Apples are vastly cheaper with significantly less irritation.

  14. james Says:

    WOW!! Can you hear the anger and frustration in the voices of the PC users? I use to be like that too, and then finally I saw the light.

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