The Simpsons parody iPods, iPhones, Apple Stores, Steve Jobs, and even Apple’s 1984 commercial

Sun, Nov 30, 2008

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“Your heart is blacker than your turtleneck!” Check out this great piece of Apple-related satire from tonight’s episode of The Simpsons.


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  1. mgabrys Says:

    Hits a lot of cute notes initially then falls off into meh. So does the audio.

  2. Jarod Says:

    Lame and not even remotely funny.

    Does nothing more but demonstrate the ignorance and insecurity of the writers of the show.

  3. mappleguy Says:

    hey Jarod, get a sense of humor. I think you’re overcompensating for a bit of insecurity yourself.

    I have 3 Macs, a few iPods, an iPhone and have been an Apple guy since the early 80’s but as soon as a Mapple store comes to a mall near me I’m getting a MyCube so I can ask it what to do and watch it glow when it’s off.

  4. itsalljustaride Says:

    mgabrys’ comment could really be said for any Simpsons episode in the past 5 years or so, unfortunately.

    And for the record I love Apple. No harm in making fun of your own.

  5. Nic Says:

    Wow you guys are incredibly nerdy. How could this even be offensive to anyone who isn’t obviously hard in love with their iphone. But in that case who are you calling? You can’t call your iphone. It can’t substitute for friends.

  6. Jose l Says:

    God the simpsons are really in a downward spiral. The show should have ended 4 or 5 season ago, when it was still fun to watch. Now they try so hard its not amusing nor funny. Bleh. I rather watch reruns over and over than new episodes.


    UNBELIEVABLE that you guys think that it isn’t funny. IT’S HILARIOUS! I couldn’t stop laughing and I am an apple user since the Apple lle (look it up). I am also a PC user. The whole thing with Bill being Steve Jobs’ BF… too funny. It’s a f__ing joke!!! It’s called PARODY!! Get over it losers! LOL!!!

  8. mapple lover Says:

    I can’t believe you guys don’t think this is funny. IT’S HILARIOUS. I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve been an Apple lover since the Apple lle (look it up). I use PC’s too so I know both environments well. The whole thing about Bill being Steve Jobs’ BF… LOL… too funny!!! It’s called PARODY. It’s all a F__ing joke you losers! Get over it. LOL

  9. sj/eshtb Says:

    @ mapple lover…
    Did you forget to take your ipills today?

  10. jason Says:

    . love the dane cook bit at the end… lol..

  11. Pelapapas Says:


  12. Torric Says:

    If you’re offended, you’re probably an iTool.

    Think about that for a minute and let your feathers unruffle.

  13. Hypnotik Says:

    Oh my god you guys, get a grip, Look up parody. It’s meant to make fun of something. If you are in love with Apple so much that you get offended over this. You guys then should really get a life. go get laid or something. Ahahaha

  14. arj Says:

    best simpsons clip ever! Its amazing how true most of it is, sure its a bit overblown but really funny.

  15. soldad Says:

    Its not that it’s not funny. Yeah it’s a joke and on apple and all. Haha, great. It’s just that it’s not a funny joke. No one cares that it’s on apple or not. It’s just not well executed. And when you think just how good the Simpsons used to be, that they now are resorting to making fun of Mac Geeks… Well before they could’ve just made up a joke rather than resorting to a cliche and presenting it in a thinly veiled parody that turns out not to be funny in the least.

  16. silvernode Says:

    It’s not that they need to get laid. They just need a sense of humor. Some of the people on these comments remind me of youtube users. The comments are either bashing something for no reason or just taking the fun out of the video. I hate nothing more then shallow minded, half witted comments. It seems that people are just commenting to be douche bags or something. I mean come on you’re just making yourselves seem like brainless drunk monkeys with no ounce of intelligence.

    If your gonna make crappy comments would you please at least do it with sytle and make them funny? At least then you’ll have a sense of humor.

  17. george Says:

    all of you who diss on this and the simpsons are trying to bury your own insecurities

  18. mohrt Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now that was a hilarious parody. But even funnier, are the folks offended by it. Actually, I’m completely shocked. Those that worship their myphones should be amused, not offended. Either these people have some serious issues to work out, or they are just comment trolls. 🙂

  19. Cassandra Says:

    Sorry, but The Simpsons stopped being funny nine seasons ago.

  20. A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Mac store Says:

    This is great, I don’t even own a computer, I live in a grass hut with a dirt floor, and have 2 i-cans with an i-string between them for my phone. Bart Rules

  21. Graphicdough Says:

    Funny till the reference to Dane Cook.

  22. iMCD Says:

    People don’t think this is funny!? Take your iHead out of your iAss and get a sense of humor. The Simpsons is funnier than anything you will ever even have the faintest chance of describing as a remotely funny idea you possibly have… maybe.

  23. Sigred Philipsen Says:

    Hey! I have an Apple and I love it! I had no problem with the Simpson’s spoof. Although it certainly didn’t make me laugh out loud I think anything that’s about Apple & Mac is Great!

  24. mohan Says:

    nice…and i love Apple….

  25. Apple hater Says:

    Thankfully, I’m a pc, so I was able to enjoy it and hate Apple

  26. Eric Says:

    WOW got to say that was funny, and to you mac lovers, This is your harsh reality of this Apple craze people are having.

  27. ǝpısdn down Says:

    i use Apple a n d PC and i think this clip here is hysterical funny! i love the simpsons (and i love my Mac)

  28. jasen Says:

    Simpsons make fun of Apple!! funny video!! thumbs up!!

  29. drx Says:

    kocak banget gan!

  30. notyou Says:

    this is not edgy. this is not funny. this is lame.

  31. Fuck this thread Says:

    I think u guys are really overdoing this thing. Besides that, I work on open source free operating system i.e. Ubuntu so I hate Apple and Pc… REST IN PIECES – Apple.
    REST IN VIRUSES – Microsoft(Windows).

  32. joseluis Says:


  33. Raj Says:

    I am a Mac User. I love the Simpsons. I especially love how they praise and mock Apple.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    tis is gay

  35. pc lover Says:

    thx stumble upon

  36. Mr. T 2000 Says:

    LOL!!!!! You are ALL worthless for taking the time to leave a comment somewhere in cyberspace about nothing. GET BACK TO YOUR LIVES!
    (Laugh Out Loud Roll On The Floor But Suddenly Get Nauseated And Vomit on My Green Shag Carpet Because I Ate Too Many Nerds Candy Boxes)

  37. Ipod hunter Says:


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