Apple hits back with 4 new “Get a Mac” ads

Sun, Apr 19, 2009


Microsoft’s 300 million dollar ad campaign has seen a variety of incarnations.  From Jerry Seinfeld hangin around with Bill Gates to little kids editing photos on Windows.  Most recently, Microsoft unveiled a slew of “Laptop Hunter” commercials which attack Apple for being more about image than quality.  The underlying theme or goal of these commercials is to essentially reclaim the “PC” moniker after having it thrashed by Apple in its “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads.

I personally think the ads have been somewhat effective.  “I’m a PC” used to evoke images of a nerdy John Hodgman haplessly trying to extol the virtues of Windows.  Now, the phrase “I’m a PC” is just as likely to evoke images from Microsoft’s latest ad campaign.  Of course, that might simply be due to the fact that those commercials are more fresh in our minds.

In any event, I was curious as to how Apple would respond in light of Microsoft’s recent efforts to take back the “I’m a PC” phrase and put a cool spin on it.  Well, it turns out that John Hodgman and Justin Long are returning with a slew of new “Get a Mac” advertisements that reprise the message of PC’s being more complicated and more prone to things like viruses and operating system troubles.  In one commercial titled “Stacks”, the PC is busily searching through thousands of photos before the Mac, played by Long, calmly tells him that he wouldn’t need to do that if he had iPhoto’s ‘Faces’ feature.

There are 4 commercials in total, and you can check them all out below.  Personally, I think “Time Traveler” is best comedic clip of them all.

Biohazard Suit

Legal Copy


Time Traveler


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  1. Neil Anderson Says:

    All of them have a giggle factor.

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