Silent Scope released for the iPhone, gets abysmal review

Fri, Apr 24, 2009


Konami recently released Silent Scope for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but video game fiends shouldn’t jump for joy just yet.

For those of you unfamiliar with the arcade game, Silent Scope puts you in the position of a sniper trying to take out terrorists in a variety of different environments.  At first, hitting your mark is easy, but as the levels progress, your targets become more agile and the level of difficulty naturally increases.

We were all pumped to give Silent Scope a spin, but a review today from utterly TRASHED the game, giving it 1 and a half stars overall, and a horrid 1 star “Fun Rating”.  Ouch!

And at $5.99, Sniper Scope isn’t exactly the type of game you take a gamble on.  As for the review, here’s how 148apps wrapped things up:

The graphics are bad, the frame rates are bad, the gameplay is bad, the sound gets annoying because the graphics and the gameplay are so bad, and the story is hokey. You could have all this for just $5.99. Are you kidding me? $5.99? This game, and I am sad to say it, is an insult to the gift card that I bought it on. If I were put in a room and given a choice between one Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Silent Scope, I would choose the sandwich… even if I was already full…

Not only will I not be playing this game next month, I will not even be playing this game tomorrow.

Yikes.  Point taken 148Apps.  We’ll stay as far away from this app as we can.  Which is a damn shame, because the arcade game was actually pretty good.

You can check out their full review over here.


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