Apple hires new graphics chip guru; Mark Papermaster begins work at Apple

Mon, Apr 27, 2009


Yahoo! Finance reports that Apple recently hired former AMD CTO Bob Drebin as a Senior Director.  What Drebin’s responsibilities will include remain unclear, but one thing’s for sure – Drebin sure does have an impressive resume.

Drebin’s AMD bio, which is still up on the web, reads as follows:

Mr. Drebin joined AMD with the ATI acquisition in 2006. At ATI, Mr. Drebin led the architecture and design of many of ATI award-winning graphics processors. Before ATI, Mr. Drebin managed the architecture and design unit of ArtX, where he was instrumental in development of the graphics component for the Nintendo Game Cube. Prior to joining ArtX, Mr. Drebin was a chief engineer in Silicon Graphics’ Advanced Graphics Division, where he spent nine years developing high performance graphics systems.

Sounds like this guy has some graphics chips street cred.

Interestingly, MacRumors points out that “Drebin appears to have left AMD in January 2008 and did not assume his position at Apple until earlier this year, possibly due to non-compete clauses in his employment contract.”

And while we’re on the topic of non-compete agreements, Mark Papermaster, who was sued by IBM to prevent him from working at Apple, has finally begun working at Cupertino in accordance with a legal settlement that was agreed upon last January.  His official title is Senior Vice President of Devices Hardware Engineering, and he’ll oversee both the iPod and iPhone engineering teams.  His official Apple bio can be seen over here.



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