Palm Pre rumored to drop on June 7

Tue, Apr 28, 2009

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With April nearly over, the rumored May 16th launch date for the Palm Pre seems extremely unlikely, if not downright impossible.  But as things go in tech, when one rumor heads to the grave, another one comes in through the front door.

Now, new evidence is pointing to a June 7th release date for the Palm Pre.

First, PalmWebOs has a post up about Palm working on a viral video campaign to coincide with the Pre’s release.  The jist of the ad involves a guy who gets depressed because the Pre isn’t shipping yet, so he decides to hole himself up in his apartment and blog away on Facebook and MySpace.  According to the post, shooting will take place from April 29th to June 5th.  So our first piece of evidence is intriguing, but speculative at best as who’s to say that the last day of shooting has any correlation to the actual release date?

So onto our second clue.

A message up on SprintGurus from a few days ago reads, “For those asking about the Pre, there are 2 release windows, one is around 6/7/09 – the other I cannot say much on.”

Taken together, the above two pieces of evidence might suggest that the June 7th release date has some credibility.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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