DVD Jon puts up clever ad on the side of SF Apple Store [Photo]

Sun, Jun 7, 2009

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Usually, it’s Apple’s advertising that gets a lot of buzz and attention, but now an ad posted on the outside of an Apple Store in San Francisco has become the center of attention.. at least for nerds.

If you recall, we’ve made reference to a character by the name of ‘DVD Jon’ a few times during the past week as he’s blogged about how Palm was able to make the Palm Pre sync up with iTunes.  DVD Jon, real name Jon Lech Johansen, is well-known for circumventing the encryption on DVD’s and songs downloaded from iTunes (back when there was a little nuisance we called DRM).

Most recently, DVD Jon launched a new company called “doubleTwist” which has an application that allows users to transfer music, videos, photos, and all sorts of files between a large number of different devices, DRM protection and file formats be damned.

In a pretty bold, yet also comical, move, Johansen recently placed an ad for the aforementioned software right on the side of an Apple Store in San Francisco.  The ad reads in part, “Your iTunes Library on any device. In seconds.” Now that’s chutzpah!

Some are reporting that the ad has subsequently been removed, though the space used for the ad isn’t owned by Apple, but rather by the Bay Area Rapid Transit.  Did Apple have the ad removed?  Did it offer a ridiculous some of money to purchase the ad space itself?  Who’s to say, but Johansen recently tweeted that the ad would be put up again soon, but apparently it wont be up in time for the WWDC keynote.

You can check out more pics of the ad over here.


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