Microsoft to copy Apple Store design, will include “Guru Bar”

Sat, Jul 25, 2009

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With Microsoft copying Apple lock and step, it’s like 1995 all over again.  In the latest piece of un-innovation from Redmond, a leaked presentation from the consulting company Microsoft hired to help it design and layout its upcoming retail stores indicates that Ballmer and co. are looking to copy the layout and feel of Apple Stores to a tee.  Check out these photos courtesy of Gizmodo.

Hey look! It’s a Microsoft “answer bar”!

A theater area with group events and training sessions?  Hmmm…

And in classic Microsoft fashion, here they advertise the ability to check your email on the same screen you’re watching TV.  Seriously?  Even Katie Couric and Matt Lauer think it’s a funny idea.

Hmm.. I’ve seen this set up somewhere before.

Wow, I wonder where Microsoft got the blueprint for this layout?

And when you’re done shopping at the Microsoft Store, walk out in a distinctive Microsoft shopping bag!

You can check out all of the leaked slides, courtesy of Gizmodo, over here.


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. JSG Says:

    Creativity has certainly never been a Microsoft corporate skill – this only reiterates the long self-evident fact.

  2. Mergatroid Says:

    Katie Couric is the CBS evening anchor. Meredith Viera is in the photo with Matt Lauer.

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