Japanese social gaming company acquires iPhone development house Ngmoco for $400 million

Tue, Oct 12, 2010


This past February, top iPhone development house Ngmoco acquired Freeverse in a deal worth about $25 million. Ngmoco, of course, is behind a number of top selling iPhone titles such as Rolando and Touch Pets – and in keeping the acquisition game going, Ngmoco was recently acquired for a whopping $400 million by DeNA, a Japanese social gaming company.

The New York Times reports:

DeNA, which runs the wildly popular Mobage Town mobile social game platform in Japan, has begun an aggressive global expansion in the past year, acquiring U.S.-based game developers in a bid to add more content to its platform and translate its success overseas.

Though the company is little known outside Japan, DeNA’s projected revenue for this year is already on par with estimates for Facebook…

DeNA’s plan is to integrate its Mobage software with Ngmoco’s own social networking platform, called Plus+, which runs on Appledevices and smartphones that operate on Google’s Android system.

The new global platform will allow developers to aim for both Apple and Android users and gain access to both Western and Japanese customers, said Neil Young, the founder of Ngmoco.



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