Apple releases “iPad is Iconic” commercial

Wed, Jan 26, 2011


Apple this evening released a brand new iPad ad titled, “iPad is Iconic.” Much like previous iPad ads, the latest offering from Apple and their friends at TBWA/Chiat/Day highlights the wide variety of apps available for the iPad in an effort to appeal to a number of different demographics.

The apps showcased above include djay, Movieā˜…Slate, Vanity Fair Magazine, and two offerings from Apple – iBooks and Pages. Incidentally, the iconic moniker from the ad comes from the Marilyn Monroe reference at the end, which doubles as a perfect jumping off point for us to divulge a seldom mentioned yet universal truth about Marilyn Monroe fans – Girls with an unusually high interest in Marilyn Monroe, more often than not, should be avoided. They also tend to skew larger, physically. So where’s the Apple connection to this, you might fairly be wondering. Well, Marilyn Monroe aficionados are also likely to own leopard or cheetah print sheets.

Done and done!


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