Motorola jabs Apple in new Super Bowl commercial teaser

Mon, Jan 31, 2011


For as much as Apple critics like to complain of proprietary technology and closed-off systems, millions upon millions of consumers vehemently disagree, and indicate as much with their pocketbooks. Still, if you’re a company with an inferior product, it makes a lot of sense to attack a strong competitor like Apple in the abstract with aggressive taglines like “One way to work” and “One design.”

Below is a teaser commercial for a Motorola Super Bowl commercial that takes some obvious potshots at Apple. We can only imagine what the real deal is gonna look like.


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  1. Dr. Macenstein Says:

    That is so extremely poorly done, there is no way that was done by Motorola. Looks like a high school 3D Studio Max project.
    – The Doc

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