Group of motorcycle bandits rob Apple Store in Covent Garden

Tue, Oct 11, 2011


In a scene straight out of a movie, a gang of 7 mopeds and motorcycles on Monday morning smashed the front window at the newly opened Apple Store in Covent Garden in London and grabbed as many Apple products as they could.

And these crooks came prepared, sporting full face crash helmets. What’s more, each vehicle had a pillion passenger (someone riding on the back), so this was a large operation with about 14 people involved.

The Next Web reports:

News outlets are reporting that two members of the gang have already been arrested, with Robert Shoesmith – famous for his iPhone 5 experiment, in which he camps outside of the store waiting for the release of the company’s next iPhone handset – just metres away from the incident when it happened.

Smith, who was sleeping when the raid took place, described what took place upon waking up to Apple’s alarm system going off.

It’s around 1.15 am and the Apple Store in Covent Garden has just been raided! Woke up to hear a load of motorbikes zoom in and then a smash and grab…

“[it] looks like a lot of Mac computers have been stolen with 4 motor bikes. Police are everywhere now!

Apple Stores are increasingly becoming a hot target for criminals looking to make off with expensive Apple products that are easy to grab en masse. While smash and grabs seem to be the preferred method of attack, one particularly noteworthy heist happened in March of 2010 when thieves rappelled 18 feet down into a New jersey Best Buy and stole $26,000 worth of Apple laptops.



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